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Free Basic Diagnostics

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Free Basic Diagnostics

Just cracked your screen or smashed your LCD?

If you have a cracked iPhone or iPad with a broken LCD here is a quick fix that will help until you are able to get it repaired. First off to keep the glass shards from falling into the device and causing more damage cover the glass with clear packing tape. It will still detect your finger and in fact save your fingers from being cut. Now you have that issue temporarily fixed. Don't forget here at Be Wireless we replace broken screens on iPhones within an hour. Also iPads and Broken, Smashed or Dead iPads fixed fast and professionally here at Be Wireless.

Does Your iPhone, iPad or iPod have Water Damage?

Did you just go swimming with your iPhone and now it died due to water damage. Did your iPad just fall in the tub or your iPod get caught in the rain? Follow these steps that could save your device and save you a lot of money. Don't worry about putting it in rice that does not work, but if you are hungry get that rice and cook it you will enjoy it more than your iPhone will. Do not plug the charger in. Do not turn it on. That can cause major board damage. The best thing to do now is to bring it to us as soon as possible to have it professionally cleaned from corrosion and evaluate your iPhone or iPads water damage.

Broken Phone

iPhone or iPad not CHARGING?

Having trouble with your iPhone or iPad not charging? You may need a battery replacement. Do not use a frayed charging cord. Do not force the charger in the charging port. Do not use tape to hold charger in the charging port. This can lead to shorting your mother board out, burning the batteries up, and also can ruin your charging port. Let us pin point the exact reason your iPad or iPhone isn't charging.

Software updating can cause issues

Very important -Do not stop an update until it is completed, doing so may cause major software issues to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Before attempting to do any updates it’s always best to Back and or move your pictures, contacts and other important info to the cloud. That way you don't lose everything if you get a virus, have software issues, lose or damage your phone.

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